STEM Women accepts original submissions of 600 words to 1,000 words.

Please note we do not accept unsolicited infographics, press releases or any other marketing/ promotion materials from organisations or individuals. Unsolicited emails and contact will go unanswered. We only accept full submissions for consideration, not pitches.

Sorry, we do not pay for articles as we are a not-for-profit run solely by volunteers. Similarly, we do not accept payment from any companies and affiliates, nor do we monetise our site.

Original submissions should:

  • Not be submitted elsewhere for publication; however the author retains copyright and may republish after a seven day embargo
  • Be written in an informative, conversational tone
  • Submissions should link to scientific or credible educational resources
  • Explain studies, scientific achievements or career impact in a meaningful way
  • Where profiling individual women in STEM:
    • Discuss a woman’s career trajectory in an insightful manner
    • Briefly provide a background of how the woman scientist/researcher/professional decided to enter a science education and/or career
    • Briefly describe (in one short paragraph or less) their scientific field of expertise in lay language (e.g. what is materials science, what is your project in materials science about)
    • Give at least one example of your career highlight/project
    • Feel free to cover what the opportunities or challenges have been to your career
    • Give advice where possible for women who may want to follow a similar career path. For examples, please see our In The Spotlight series
  • Where discussing broad issue on women in STEM:
    • Situate issues/ programs / research in broader context. E.g. what does this issue mean for other women in science?
    • Link to relevant empirical literature, but use jargon-free language
    • Provide solutions to issues where possible. For examples, please see our Finding Solutions series
  • Be mindful of diversity, inclusion and accessibility
    • STEM Women works to support the scientific excellence of all women from diverse backgrounds. We promote the right for women to work and learn in an environment free from sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism. Articles should be written in a similar spirit of inclusion, respecting STEM Women’s principles of diversity.

Preparation of copy

Authors, please provide;

  • Word version of your proposed article
  • At least one high-resolution photo of the author. STEM Women especially welcomes photos of women in action (in the lab, in the field, teaching, and so on)
  • Author biography of 150 words or less.
  • Submit article & attachments to the editors here.

STEM Women will offer editorial support in the lead up to publication. STEM Women reserves the right to make editorial changes relevant for our audience. All edits will be discussed and negotiated with authors prior to publication.

Authors must submit at least one high resolution photograph of the author, unless the author wishes to submit anonymously.

Authors must supply a brief 150 word biography.

Thank you for thinking of STEM Women. We look forward to working with you to promote women in STEM.